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At CMHC, we trust you to get the job done. Since January 2019, we’ve shifted from managing people to managing work. Each employee is 100% autonomous and accountable. You can choose where you need to be and when you need to be there to meet your objectives. You’re in control of your time and are trusted to make the right decisions.

Sr. Manager, Intergovernmental Relations (Position can be located anywhere in Canada)

Join the Policy Operations and Outreach divison within the Policy Sector at CMHC, as Senior Manager of Intergovernmental Affairs. In this role, you will lead our collaboration with provincial and territorial partners through the Federal-Provinical/Terrirotial Housing Forum as well as collaboration with municipalities and other government partners to address housing affordability. 



•    Leads the development of strategic and tactical advice and options for government actions and investments to address complex housing challenges and contributes to broader social and economic benefits for Canada. 
•    Leads and manages the development of background documents, briefing materials, correspondence for senior management and the Minister as well as briefs senior management/Ministers on complex housing issues. 
•    Consults with diverse internal and external parties, including other governments, considers the diversity of needs across the country, intergovernmental priorities and issues.
•    Represents the organization and/or supports senior officials at intergovernmental fora and meetings including the Federal-Provincial-Territorial Housing Forum.
•    Co-Leads monthly calls of housing senior officials of the FPT housing Forum, to exchange information on key housing issues, develop joint work plans and establish working groups to address key housing priorities, and coordinates meetings of deputy minister and ministers’ FPT Housing Forum.
•    Establishes and builds relationships with representatives from provincial/territorial governments, municipalites, central agencies (Department of Finance, Privy Council Office, Treasury Board Secretariat), and other government departments to collaborate on housing policy matters.
•    Gathers and analyzes information on PT housing priorities, issues and landscape, and tracks other federal intergovernmental arrangements and best practices.
•    Responsible for leading and coaching the Integovernmental Affairs team and managing the division’s budget. 

Minimum Qualifications:

•    Undergraduate degree in social studies, economics, business administration, political science or public administration or a related field.
•    Minimum of ten years of experience using research and analytical techniques to provide advice and recommendations to senior government officials and ministers, on social and/or economic policy frameworks, and/or strategies to address public policy priorities and challenges.
•    Minimum of 5 years of experience in people and budget management.
•    Significant experience developing, building, and maintaining relationships with seniors officials.
•    Demonstrated negotiation skills, business acumen and political sensitivity when dealing with other orders of government to mitigate potential relational risks.
•    Highly developed oral and written communication skills and ability to brief succintly.
•    Demonstrated experience in providing advice to senior management including a strong ability to persuade others.
•    Well-developed quantitative/qualitative analysis and research skills.
•    Strong planning and project management skills.
•    Experience in the provision of policy advice to government (e.g., memorandum to cabinet), and identification of key considerations, risks and mitigation strategies.
•    Strong collaboration and coordination skills, including working with other areas in CMHC to advance intergovernmental relations and resolve issues.
•    In-depth knowledge of the Canadian housing system, jurisdictional issues and responsibilities, and collaborative fiscal arrangements.


Preferred Qualifications
•    In-depth knowledge and understanding of CMHC's business and operating environment
•    Experience working with other levels of government.
•    Graduate degree(s) and/or professional certification(s) 




Posting closing date: September 29th, 2021 @ 11:59 pm EST (Note, the competition may remain active until filled)